How It All Began...

As a 52-year-old single woman, I have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly in the dating scene. My personal experiences helped me to create this website.

When I recently began dating a man many years my senior, I thought, good, with age comes a maturity and a "settling down" of sorts— no more games, no more running around behind my back… no more worries! But, I soon began to notice an all-too-familiar pattern.

I was always free to accompany him on business trips, yet I was never invited. And, while he was on those infamous business trips, phone calls and texts dropped to zero. I heard the usual excuses: “I was busy with work; I forgot to turn my phone back on.” “I left my phone in the hotel room; I'm not a slave to my phone for goodness’ sake!” The real "AH HA" moment came when I simply asked him to call me while away on his trips. His response was, “it’s not your business. I won't have this conversation.” I know all of you are familiar with that "proverbial table." The table that turns, and now, somehow, you’re the bad guy. Oh, and don't forget crazy— you're also crazy!

There were endless nights of staring at my phone, wondering if I would hear from him, wondering why I hadn't and then lying awake all night. Meanwhile, I still had to work and take care of life. I became a mess. What is he doing? Who is he with? The things he is saying are just not adding up. Allowing our thoughts to go into overdrive and consume us like that is the single most horrible feeling a person can experience while believing that they are in a meaningful relationship. During one of those sleepless, stressful nights while watching everything from Golden Girls to the Alaskan Bush People, it occurred to me that others are also experiencing this anguish… the same doubts… same anxieties.

What if there was a way to confirm my doubts? Am I dating a player? And, then the wheels began to turn. After all, we have all heard, “once a cheater, always a cheater.” “Once a player, always a player,” and if he's doing this to me, I bet he’s done it before or will again. We can find just about anything on the Internet today, so why not a Player? And, ladies and gentlemen, just like that, PlayerSlayer was born.