Terms and Conditions

Player-Slayer is a service provided to share true and accurate stories of being cheated on or “played.” We want to help those people who have doubts or intuitions about the person they are involved with, by allowing those hurt to share their stories and save others the same fate of being “played.” Please Tell Us Your Story.

I am over 18 years of age, and agree to the all the Terms and Conditions provided in the link below.



All stories submitted to Player-Slayer must comply with the following content requirements, or be subject to editing, rejection, or removal at the sole discretion of Player-Slayer LLC.



Stories containing last names will not be accepted. Player-Slayer reserves the right to remove or modify stories from their original form for any reason, including, but not limited to eliminating personally identifiable information. Any information shared that may put private individuals at risk is subject to possible removal.



While emotions in a relationship may run high, Player-Slayer will not tolerate falsehood or intentional libel against any person: Opinions presented as fact and hyperbole to match hurt feelings are not acceptable. Player-Slayer cannot know the truth of the stories that are presented here, and assumes no responsibility for any damages suffered from stories posted by its users. All stories are provided “as-is” and will only be edited to comply with the content requirements regarding Personal Information.



This Agreement shall be construed in accordance with, and governed by, the laws of the State of Nevada.



By agreeing to these terms, the Subscriber (“You”) also shall indemnify, and hold harmless Player Slayer LLC, and all its respective subsidiaries and affiliated entities, directors, officers, shareholders, employees and agents, and their respective agents and servants [collectively, “Indemnitees”], and each of them, of and from:

A. Any and all claims, demands, causes of action, damages, costs, expenses, losses, or liabilities, in law or in equity, of every kind and nature whatsoever, including without limit, costs of defends, settlement and reasonable attorneys’ fees, arising in whole or in part out of or in any manner directly or indirectly connected with any story submitted to the “Player Slayer” website, however caused, regardless of any negligence of Indemnitees or their respective agents or servants, be it active or passive, except the sole gross negligence or willful misconduct of Indemnitees or their agents or servants.

B.  Any and all penalties imposed on Indemnitees or the Work on account of the violation of any law, order, or regulation.  Subscriber shall:

[i] At Your sole cost, expense, and risk, defend all suits, actions, or other legal proceedings that may be brought or instituted by third persons against Indemnitees on any such claim, demand, or cause of action, or to enforce any such penalty;

[ii] Pay and satisfy any judgment or decree that may be rendered against Indemnitees or any of them in any such suit, action, or other legal proceeding; and

[iii] Reimburse Indemnitees for any and all legal expenses incurred by each of them in connection therewith or in enforcing the indemnity in this Paragraph 12; and

C.  Any and all claims, damages, losses and expenses arising out of or resulting from the posting of this information, story, or personal testimony contained herein, including, but not limited to, damages for invasion of privacy, false light, libel, or slander, by, from, or against You or any other person.

Indemnitees’ right to indemnification shall include, without limitation, costs of defense, settlement, and attorneys’ fees and costs incurred by Indemnitees as the result of any claim, demand or liability, and shall extend to claims, demands and liabilities occurring or arising from the posting, hosting, maintenance, and editing of any submitted story.




If either party becomes involved in arbitration or litigation arising out of the interpretation or performance of the Terms and Conditions, the court or tribunal in such arbitration or litigation, or in a separate suit, shall award to the prevailing party all actual costs and expenses incurred in such arbitration or litigation, including expert witnesses, fees and attorney’s fees.  To be a prevailing party under this Paragraph it is not necessary that a final judgment be entered in such party’s favor but only that such party be entitled to an award of costs in the arbitration or litigation proceeding.  As used in this Paragraph, “attorney’s fees” means the full cost of legal services performed in connection with the matters involved, calculated on the basis of usual fees charged by an attorney performing those services, and not limited to “reasonable attorney’s fees” as defined in any statute or rule of court.


In the event of litigation between the parties, or if a party becomes involved in litigation because of the wrongful acts of the other party, the court will award attorney’s fees to the prevailing or innocent party. The amount will be sufficient to compensate the prevailing party for all attorney’s fees incurred by such party in good faith.




A. This Section shall apply only in the event Player-Slayer or Subscriber, as the case may be, elects to submit to arbitration any dispute, controversy or claim under this Agreement.   If Player-Slayer or Subscriber so elects, the judgment or the award rendered in any such arbitration may be entered in any court having jurisdiction and shall be final and binding upon the parties.  The arbitration shall be conducted and determined in accordance with the then prevailing rules of the American Arbitration Association or its successor for arbitration of commercial disputes and the provisions of Title 9 of the California Code of Civil Procedures [Cal. Civ. Proc. §§ 1280 et seq.], except to the extent that the procedures mandated by said rules, statutes and laws are modified as provided in this Section.


B.  During an arbitration proceeding pursuant to this Section the parties shall continue to perform and discharge all of their other respective obligations under this Agreement, except as otherwise expressly provided in this Agreement.


C.  If a party wishes to resolve a dispute as to any matter under this Agreement, such party shall give written notice to the other party, which notice shall state with particularity the nature of the dispute and the demand for relief, making specific reference by Section number and title of the provisions of this Agreement pertaining to the dispute and also refer to this Section.


D.  Subscriber and Player-Slayer shall mutually and promptly select one person who has at least ten [10] years’ experience in commercial real estate and construction matters in the geographic area of the Property, and, in particular, with the subject matter of the dispute, to act as an arbitrator hereunder.  If a selection is not made within thirty [30] days after written demand for arbitration is made, upon the request of either party the arbitrator shall be appointed by the American Arbitration Association or its successor.  The arbitration proceedings shall take place at a mutually acceptable location.


E.  When resolving any dispute, the arbitrator shall apply the pertinent provisions of this Agreement without departure therefrom in any respect.  The arbitrator shall not have the power to change any of the provisions of this Agreement, but this subsection shall not prevent in any appropriate case the interpretation, construction and determination by the arbitrator of the applicable provisions of this Agreement to the extent necessary in applying the same to the matters to be determined.


F.  Each party shall pay the fees and expenses of its attorneys in connection with the arbitration and one-half [½] of the fees and expenses of the arbitrator, subject to the power of the arbitrator to award such expenses to the prevailing party pursuant to Section 23 hereof.




This Agreement shall be construed in accordance with, and governed by, the laws of the State of California. The proper venue and jurisdiction for any lawsuit or legal disagreement concerning the Terms and Conditions shall be in San Luis Obispo County Superior Court of California.